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  • April 8, 2018
  • The Importance of Language Interpretation

    The activities to apprehend and represent by means of art, to show by illustrative representation can be termed as the language interpretation processes. This activity is a tool that is required in many places with the barriers that hinder communication and other important activities from taking place well as expected. The following are some of the reasons as to why it is an important activity.

    Language interpretation helps to remove the barriers in understanding each other which is very key in some sectors such as the business where one can have clients or investors who may not understand some basics and hence ending up to loss of these investors who could be very profitable. Language interpretation is also important because it enables proper relations and communication with the physically disabled such as the deaf who lack the ability to hear and would need the translation in order to achieve a smooth conversation with other people. The people who suffer disabilities will feel wanted by the society and community because of proper language communication because relating to other people becomes easy and hence they will feel relaxed and loved despite the challenges that they may be facing. The intentional killing of oneself, as a kind of action or social phenomenon by the people who suffer disabilities is hence reduced because of language interpretation as they feel wanted because the barriers are removed, and hence participation in different activities is enabled.

    Translation of the language is a source of income to those who are trained to translate and create meaning between two or more parties who may be differentiated by the language and hence it is advantageous. It is also very important in schools for the disabled to teach those who can not hear or speak through the use of signs and gestures and hence promoting knowledge to eradicate illiteracy. Language translation is very important in the international and even local relations so as to avoid discrimination from the language differences and hence it is beneficial. It is also a way of explaining some features that are hidden in a particular object such as the landscape by the artists who may have hidden some information in their work and hence it is very important.

    Fast decision making is enabled by the ability of language translation which may be needed due to challenges that may be facing a business and that would have severe effects and even failure in its operations and therefore it is a good business tool that may be required especially in situations where the stakeholders have differences in language or do not share a common language or even the relation with the workers and employees is enhanced and improved because information is shared and grievances voiced to the higher levels of administration.

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